‘With Clive in India’ Book Report

Have you ever experienced the thrill of being “carried away” with the plot of the story you were reading? For many, With Clive in India might be one of those such books.

The book starts out with our main character, Charlie Marryat, having a conversation with his Mother. What were they talking about? Charlie’s Father had died six months prior to this occasion. Now, Charlie’s widowed Mother was left with her 16-year-old son and two young daughters. Her scanty source of income and that which was left from her husband could provide for her and her daughters. However, she felt that her son would have to leave to find provision for himself. A letter to his great Uncle, Joshua Tufton, secured his abode until Charlie took leave to go to his new occupation. Upon arrival, Charlie had enough time to waltz about the town before he left; but more than that, before he left, he was sent away by the pleasant surprise that his Mother and sisters had been invited to make their Uncles home their own. This left Charlie relieved that they would be well provided for. The occupation his rich Uncle had chosen for him was that of writer-ship. Charlie was disappointed with this as the more exciting job of a soldier was more appealing to him.

After arriving in India, where he would be working, he found that he and another boy thought that the life of a writer-ship quite dull. Upon having the convenience and pleasure of meeting Captain Clive they were enrolled in his English army to capture India from the French.

For many years he enjoyed this life; training soldiers, fighting battles, and learning the native language. His skills helped him to advance in rank; and eventually, he became known as Colonel Marryat.

However, along his journeys, he met may troubles along with the blessings. At one point, there is an attempted murder – for Charlie! At the same time, an operation to steal the crown is happening. But he meets two faithful friends who stay with him for the rest of his life: a soldier named Tim and an almost-murderer named Hossein. He also saves a young girl’s life – and she eventually becomes his wife.

He returns home many years later with his two friends, much wealth, many accomplishments, and satisfied with excitement. His family welcome him home with open arms (not without his Uncle expressing opinions on his choice of a job) and all three soldiers find their own wives.

In conclusion, the story With Clive in India is about a young man living a life of adventure and watching (and helping) the English capture India while fighting the French. The story is well written and the plot is exciting, quick to develop, historical, convincing, and believable. I enjoyed this book very much and would recommend it to those who have time to spare.

The only thing that might make one not completely satisfied with this book is that, at times, the story is a bit descriptive with numbers and facts; however, to some this may be a plus.

The book was written by G.A. Henty and is also known as The Beginnings of an Empire.


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