About Me

“I am SonofYHWH – a debater, philosopher, and seeker of the Truth.





My name (SonofYHWH) represents the person I believe I am: a child of the Living God. The four capital consonants at the end of my name are the four English letters that represent the four Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton (Tetragrammaton = God’s original Hebrew Name as written in the original text).

I enjoy playing music on various instruments; some of those instruments being piano, guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. I also enjoy sports and hanging out with friends.

I stared blogging mainly because I needed one on which to post my school essays. Then, I found that I could incorporate more of my life and what I love to do into my blog and make it more of a lifestyle blog! On this blog you will find my essays, thoughts, pictures I have taken, debates, and other perhaps more random posts!

I love philosophy and debating, so feel free to start debates anywhere! Please note, however, to keep the debate related to the post on which you start it, or use the Discussion page to send me a request for a post so that I can make a vehicle for you to post your debate on.

Or, you can check out my debate blog: The Debater’s Refuge

I also love to hear from my readers! Please leave me a comment on the Discussion page as I would love to talk to you!

Have an awesome day!

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