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For several years now, I’ve been a bit of a work-out buff. When considering where my enthusiasm for it came from, I considered it likely to have originated from the fact that, as far as I can remember, I’ve always been bigger and healthier than the typical guy my age (I was taller, stronger, faster, ate more healthily, and got sick less often as a result). I wanted to keep it that way.

But my attention was particularly devoted to my arms; not to the fitness of my whole body (as it should be). This year, I was introduced to a workout routine by Chloe Ting (a YouTuber) that specialized on the core. It is a two-week workout done in 10-minute daily periods. She claimed that you could get abs in two weeks. Of course, I thought, “2 weeks? 10 minutes a day?! Then I get abs! How hard can it be?” I decided to give it a shot.

I failed.

I am a strong dude, but the workout was pretty intense and sometimes it was inconvenient. I got to day four before it started getting irregular and eventually stopped. 

That is one of the reasons I am making this post. I want to be held accountable to more people as I do this exercise. Plus, it would be cool if you all joined me as I did it.

There is one thing I want to point out: Chloe wears really immodest clothing (by my standards) in this video. My solution was to write down the exercises and glance at the form to understand how to perform it. For those interested, here is the video:

Just wanted to share that with you. 😀

If you do decide to join me, please let me know! I am officially starting today, 11/29/20, and will continue to at least 12/12/2020.

153 thoughts on “My Workout Routine | Hold Me Accountable”

    1. Woah 200? All in one go, or do you do sets? Also it doesn’t really matter if you’re skinny, as long as you’re strong. A wiry person can be just as cool as a super buff dude.

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  1. I will join you! 😁
    I have done this before and I actually got abs in two weeks, if that’s any encouragement. 😉 It gets less intense and so easy after week 1 so keep going!💪🏻
    I am starting today! 🏋🏻‍♀️ And holding you accountable!!!!!! 🤝

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    1. Great! That’s cool that you got abs doing this ( I already have abs too but I don’t know what exercise to attribute it to)!
      I’ve continued doing various exercises since I stopped doing this one, and I think I have gained muscle since today was nothing (I kept exercising after I’d finished because it wasn’t hard enough! 🤷‍♂️). I should be good to finish, but maybe when it gets inconvenient and I am tired I’ll need to know that people like you and Iman are there to prod me on!

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      1. Yeah, the workout is pretty easy for me as well since I have been exercising frequently. But we all have those days when we are just not in the mood and somehow the workout gets more intense… 😅 Yep, just imagine me and Iman are shouting encouragement at you! 🗣📢 I am holding you VERY accountable for “making” me do this workout. 😂

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    1. You comment on this post. 😀
      Here is my log for today:
      Day 2:
      Woke up. Tried to lean up to drink water safely. Failed. Spilled it on my bed. My abs hurt.
      Exercised this afternoon. It felt harder than yesterday but seemed to take less time. My abs sometimes hurt.
      Added pull-ups to the workout.

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    1. That’s too bad! 😭 Don’t stop, though! Push through!
      I can understand why you hurt. Especially if you’ve been doing each one for 60 seconds! You can keep doing that if you want to (I guess) but it would be better to be consistent with a little than to do a lot and then stop.


      1. Good job! 👏 Oohh I do intermittent too! I have been enjoying it a lot!

        Day 4 is done! ✔ Easy and went quick! 😅 I am not sore at all anymore 😃 🥳


    1. Noice!
      Yeah, days 3,4,5,and 6 were okay, but then on days 8-9 I was busy on a job and another activity and didn’t end up doing the workout until about 10:00 PM…and then day 9 I spent the entire day moving a LOT of work heavy furniture, tools, boxes, etc.
      I took yesterday (day 9) as a break day. I am still sore today! XD
      Intermittent fasting kind of blew up on days 7-9 when I had to eat a fair bit to sustain my energy…but alas! I plan to get back to it!
      One more update: Certain exercises in this workout are making my back make cracking noises. I don’t think that it is the form, so I substituted other abs exercises for those ones. I am, however, trying to stick as close to the plan as needed…I just think that proper back formation and posture are more important than loss of a little more fat or gain of a little more muscle.

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      1. Totally identify! That’s a good idea to switch out some of those exercises … I’ve been having similar problems. Best wishes! Working on day 12 today! 🤣😎

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      1. Is it? It should get easier. A lot of people find it nearly unbearable the first day. They tend to find that it gets easier towards then end.
        Their is a results video online. There’s a skinny teen who gets abs and a bunch of women who lose a fair bit of weight; pretty inspiring.

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      2. Nope…to be perfectly honest, I haven’t run a ton recently.
        The other day, I had my vitamins before I went of to work (it was literally right after I woke up).
        Bad idea.
        I ran on the job with the disintegrating vitamins inside my body. I don’t think my organs were awake yet…
        I met my vitamins for the 2nd time.


      3. there will be paths and to pick which paths you take you draw little colorful balls and the color of the ball decides which path you take

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      4. hence the color of the loops. for example, you draw a green ball you run the green loop, draw a purple ball you run the purple loop

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