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Why a blog site with lots of content will help me get my first full-time job after college.

English Lesson 150

This essay will present the reasons why a blog with lots of content will help me get my first full-time job after college.

An employer wants to know what you are capable of. The employer may have previous knowledge about you and what you are capable of doing, but for most people, that is not the case. In order to get your desired job, you need to differentiate yourself from the other job applicants. Since you’re new to the field and fresh out of college, you won’t have a lot on your resume.

So how can one set oneself apart?

From kindergarten to your college graduation, you have been pursuing an academic career. Most people neglect to adequately present the accomplishments of their academic career. This is very unfortunate. You need to show what you have spent the last 18-25 years of your life doing!

Granted, some graduates will list the college they attended; but as for myself, a homeschooler, there may be less public record of my academic achievements.

This is why a blog with lots of content will help me obtain a job: I will be able to communicate what I am able to do for a potential employer as well as show the (very important) added ability of clear writing.

The value of writing is greatly underestimated. Writing is necessary in nearly every aspect of life. You may have done many things that would be of great value to a potential employer, however, if you can’t tell him what it is that you have done, those things won’t be of much use to you.

If you can demonstrate, using the skill of writing, that you possess clarity, the potential for leadership, and experience in a particular field, you greatly increase the potential for success in said field because the employer will realize that the company can’t lose you – that you’re invaluable to the company, and as a result, the company will make an effort to keep you at all costs and to give you incentive to stay. 

Should the government be able to restrict content on the Internet?

We have all seen those famous Hollywood movies. The hero News reporter rushes to the scene and there she uses our favorite cliché, “blah, blah, blah…right to free speech.” That line wasn’t just made up, though; that line was is a legitimate statement of our rights.

Throughout the end of the 20th century and into present day, the internet has enlarged the world – yet, brought everyone closer at the same time. The internet became an extension of our current locations – an extension of our homes. It is a place for us to meet, debate, and discuss with others – a place to share our opinions. In such a place, would it not be completely necessary and unquestionably right to have the right of free speech?

The government, having a say in the way the internet is run, has given itself the liberty of suppressing opinions that do not coincide with their own. This is not right.

Consider this short story as an allegory:

John walked up to the podium. He was to read his dissertation on the opposition of government taxation and the Freedom Convention. He knew it was an unpopular opinion to give, especially considering the office he held. He gripped the podium and began,

“My brothers, today I give you my dissertation on the opposition of government taxation. We –”

John stopped short. He tapped his microphone…nothing. He had been silenced.

In this allegory, John began to give his opinion. When the operators heard what his topic was to be, they silenced him. He was unable to voice his opinion.

This example accurately portrays the way the government acts when they restrict content on the internet. Sure, they own the microphone; but they have offered us the use of it. The internet is an extension of our voices. If we truly have a right to free speech, then we should not be censored. But if not, then it is all a lie.

I once was in the presence of a wise lawyer. I believe he said something to the effect of the following,

“They may take all our rights away…but as long as we have the right to free speech, we can gain them all back.”

Guess what? They are suppressing our right to free speech. If they succeed, they may – under our corrupt legal system – destroy our freedoms. This is why we need the right to free speech.

In conclusion, as long as we have free speech rights, the government cannot, may not, and will not suppress our words. The government is suppressing various freedoms as it is; but even if all other freedoms be taken away, as long as we have free speech rights, we have freedom in our grasp. I call all my readers to action. I call each one of you to fight for your rights, to fight for our freedoms, and to fight for free speech! Show your beliefs by your actions; because without action, there is no proof of belief.