How Do We Know that Jesus Really Lived? — Defend Your Faith

I’m sure we’ve all asked at one time or the other, “How do I know that the Bible is true?”

If not, you should.

I have been in correspondence with those who question the Bible’s historical validity. I don’t blame them. One should test every documents’ validity – especially those that will change your life.

But what if I showed you a place to start? A place to begin to find validity of the Bible in history?

Is there evidence outside of the New Testament that proves Jesus really lived?

How Do We Know that Jesus Really Lived? — Defend Your Faith

6 thoughts on “How Do We Know that Jesus Really Lived? — Defend Your Faith”

  1. Jesus’ life is attested by Josephus, Talmud, and some others.
    Josephus briefly mentioned him, and Talmud called him a sorceror and a bastard.
    The important question on inerrancy for a Christian that everyone ignores is not the historical, but theological.

    Why do we think the Bible is complete or the canon closed? The Bible doesn’t list its own books.
    Why do apologists treat the whole Bible as a unit using 2Tim3:16 as a copout clause and circular reasoning, rather than proving that each and every paragraph is actually inspired scripture in of itself?
    Why do we use this & that criteria for rejecting or accepting books when those criteria are not prescribed by the Spirit?
    How do we know that there are absolutely no interpolations, deletions or changes in doctrines inserted before the most common codices?
    Why do inerrantists never try and treat apocrypha like scripture to test it, or treat scripture like apocrypha?
    Who says pseudepigrapha are so? What if God repeated the lost book to an oracle who wrote it down?
    Does the Bible have more authority than the Holy Spirit?
    Why do inerrantists point to early counsils to justify their decisions on the canon while deliberately ignoring the many beliefs of the early church that they don’t agree to?


    1. Hey Oron, sorry for the late response:
      You’re right. The Bible doesn’t list it’s own books. In truth, it is in faith that many Christians believe in the legitimacy of the books of the Bible; this is because the Bible was written by men, translated by men, and assembled by men.
      We have no way of knowing whether or not the text of these books was tampered with along the way.
      Here is what we know: there is a Creator of this Earth, whom we call God. Our purpose in life is to find that Creator and know Him intimately. We have to trust that He will lead us to know what is true.


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