Assumptions About Me?

I’ve been seeing a lot of these type of posts on other people’s blogs, and it seems like an interesting idea (especially for someone who doesn’t share a lot about their private life).

So…Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. What do you all think I look like? (Hair color, eyes, height, etc)
  2. Do I have an accent? What kind?
  3. What age am I?
  4. In what grade am I?
  5. What are my favorite things to do?

Oh, and don’t like this post if you aren’t going to answer! If you like this post and don’t answer, I’ll hunt you down!

…ok, I’m kidding. But I’m serious about not liking it if you aren’t going to comment.

52 thoughts on “Assumptions About Me?”

    1. Oh, okay. Thanks for responding (especially you, who often likes within 1.54 seconds of my posting my posts!)!
      I won’t answer numbers 1 and 2, because I don’t want to mention my age (for privacy) and because I am not in a specific grade.
      Number 3 is correct: I am a follower of Christ.
      Number 4 I will not answer (for privacy reasons), but I’m curious what you define as “tall.”

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      1. No problem! Oh ok. Well I believe that being tall depends on age. For example a thirteen year old guy who is 5 ft 8 inches, would be considered tall or above average for his age group. But a 25 year old guy who is 5 ft 8 inches would be considered average in height. Also in the case of girls, I think girls over 5 ft 6 is tall, and girls over 5 ft 9, are really tall. This is complicated lol.

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  1. 1. You have a Latin accent. (I don’t know why) πŸ˜‚

    2. You are tall (maybe even as tall as 6ft).

    3. You are health-conscious.

    4. You have a sense of humour.

    5. You love debating. πŸ˜‚

    6. You have a great sister.

    7. You love learning (and talking) about bible related stuff.

    8. Internet safety is something you often worry about.

    I can’t think of anything else right now…πŸ˜‚

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    1. Very interesting! Some were more blatantly obvious than others (lol, #5 and #7), but I’m curious about #1…
      Are you talking about the ancient Latin language, or like, Spanish Latin?

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  2. 1. I think you have dark brown hair, and green eyes (I don’t know why haha), And you could be around 5’9″.
    2. I think you have an American accent
    3. I think you’re 18-19 years old
    4. I have no clue
    5. You like to play guitar, you like writing, and you like studying and taking a deeper look into the Bible and its meaning!
    6. You like to try and answer peoples questions about bible related topics, and love to debate about various topics.

    hope these are somewhat right lol!!

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  3. I think you are a really cool guy with a heart for God. You’re tall, friendly, easy to talk with, an amazing musician, a hard worker, and smart!

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  4. Hair – Brown or Black
    Accent? – An accent from somewhere area in the US
    Age – 16
    Grade – definitely one 7th class, but the rest maybe mixed?
    fav thing to do – Learn about something you’re interested in

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    1. Cool answers! Thanks for responding!
      I’m curious about the Grade one, though. Definitely one 7th class? Which one and why? (Btw, that’s pretty sad if I’m 16 and in grade 7!)


      1. Oops, I thought my sister was in 7th for a hot minute so I wrote 7th (it’ll be explained). I didn’t mean to insult you, sorry! More I meant like one class from 8th.
        well, idk which class but my sister is taking it and you had the same question. My sister is in 8th. More specifically, the one where the tittles is, Should celebrities who break a law face stricter laws

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      2. Ah, okay. It’s fine, I wasn’t offended. I was more poking you, lol!
        Its just funny if you think about it:
        1. Grade 7 at 16 years of age
        2. Grade 8 at 17 years of age
        3. Grade 9 at 18 years of age.
        That’s REALLY sad for whomever would have to do that. That’s just what I was saying. πŸ™‚

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      3. Well, of course! And one wouldn’t need to do all the grades. If one is boring, then the person taking that course could skip it and take one that interests he/she.
        I have a family member who went to school in Grade 8 with a person who was 17 years old. The FM doesn’t even know if they passed that year.
        My point was that if I was that far behind, I would either have a lot of catching up or skipping to do. Of course one doesn’t need to do all the courses to get a good education, but I want to.

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  5. 1. Likely darker hair, average height, glasses maybe (but you probably wear contacts more), hazel eyes, and size 11 shoes 🀣 just a guess
    2. Mild Midwestern accent
    3. 14/15 ish based on mannerisms, I’m going to say 14 and your bday is September 8th
    4. Homeschoolers don’t have grades πŸ˜‚
    5. Blog, debate, practice music and listen to music, work outside, worship God, and help your church.
    Just a few guesses 😁

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