Chloe Ting Workout Update (2 Week Shred)

So for those of you have read my last post on my new workout routine, I was recently informed that the video listed in that post was part of a group/series of exercises/workout videos for the challenge.

Those of you who complained about how easy it was, you will be relieved to know that there is more you can benefit from.

But, on the other side, there are those who are having trouble with this exercise; but that’s okay. Go at your own pace and…


So at this link, Chloe actually has workout days 5 and 9 as complete rest days. That means that those who are on the same schedule as I am will be taking today off. Now, you may have already done your exercise, that’s okay. Take tomorrow off. You can move your days; they aren’t stationary. If you decide to do the rest of the exercises Chloe lists, you are also allowed to switch those days around too (for myself, I am taking Saturday off instead of the alternative days because I believe it’s important to rest on that day). The important thing is to rest.


Resting gives your body time to restore itself and also to build muscle.

Here is what says,

“When you are moving…your brain sends electrical signals to the muscles you use to perform the movement. These signals go from the brain, through the spinal cord and to the muscles. When the signals reach the muscles, the signals spread to all the muscle fibres connected to this nerve. The electrical signals cause calcium ions to flow into the muscle cells from cavities where the ions stay at rest. These ions bind to specific proteins and start a muscle contraction. This allows the muscle to create power…After the exertion, the ions flow back to where they came from and the same process can start again, allowing you to repeat the same movement again and again…(until your muscles fatigue)…in this case, the muscle no longer releases enough ions to achieve the power you want in a contraction. And thus, the muscle fails to do what the brain says.”

This is why it is important to rest. Resting allows your body to restore the hormones and nutrients needed to create muscle. It is vital.

But! (there is always a “but”)

You don’t have to do nothing. Doing “nothing” (which is philosophically impossible) doesn’t necessarily benefit you. This is why athletes change there routines up. The exercises listed are mostly focused on one’s abs and arms; so, change it up. Go for a run or bike ride; you can still burn calories and you will work a different muscle group (your legs).

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