Are simple joys as valuable as complex experiences?

English Lesson 88

“Many people think that the most important life experiences are the complex and difficult ones, such as learning a new skill, finding a solution to a problem, or overcoming a great obstacle. These experiences, which can be unpleasant at times, are worthwhile because of what we learn from them. However, simple joys can be just as valuable. Uncomplicated activities, such as spending time with friends, savouring a meal, or appreciating the beauty of nature can bring us great happiness.”

~My Essay Prompt.

Complex experiences are what help us to grow. However, over time, these experiences may overwhelm us. One thing that is helpful with balancing life’s troubles is the joys that come with them. The question is: Are simple joys as valuable as complex experiences? 

I would say that joy in general is very important to keep us motivated, light-heart-ed (happy), and ready for the next wave. But life’s joys don’t give you something you can keep (with exception of the memory) and for this reason one might consider them to be less valuable. Don’t get me wrong, they are still important, just less valuable.

For instance, we might consider a bath after a long day to be a simple joy. However the things you could be doing during the time that you’re having your bath are many. Instead of going for a leisurely soak you could be helping your farmer-neighbour castrate his 8-month-old calves (not a fun task!). But even in this case, unless you were someday to become a farmer or help another farmer do a similar task, this experience would not be as valuable to you as others. I think you get my point.

However, some may say that they are just as valuable. This may be because we need time to rest, decompress, and stop worrying about everyone and their dog’s problems. In fact, we are commanded to rest in the Bible many times. This year (2020…the year toilet paper nearly went extinct) actually has 52 Saturdays and the Bible says in Exodus 20:8-10 (among other versus) to not do any work on it. It is actually a feast and I would consider this joy to be just as valuable as a complex experience.

In conclusion, whether or not a particular joy is more valuable than an experience depends on the situation. However, there are times when we should rest – not because it is a more valuable use of our time – but because our bodies need it…therefore condoning you to take a bath and let your neighbour castrate his calves himself.


7 thoughts on “Are simple joys as valuable as complex experiences?”

    1. Hi! I am doing well; thanks for asking! 😀 How about yourself? How has your guitar been working out for you?
      Thank-you! No, I am not 7th day Adventist. But I do observe God’s Sabbaths. You?


      1. I’m doing well, the cold season is going through, I hope I don’t get it!😁 Its going great. I love the extra chalenge in my day. Oh OK. No I’m not eather, although like you, I worship on the Sabbath.

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