Zircons and the Young Earth Part 1.

I found this article interesting and inspiring. Kellan Asher’s un-conventional route of proving the “Young Earth” ideology is a good read! Check him out and give him a follow if you feel so inclined to help him on his blogging journey.

Questioner's Corner


For years now the modern Bible believer has thought of science as one of their greatest and most cunning enemies. But what if this isn’t the case, what if we can use our ‘enemy’ and turn it into one of our strongest allies. That is what I have set out to do using the Bible as my inspiration and science to prove it to the unbeliever (or at least make an interesting point in an argument) I think we can use the evidence around us to prove God’s amazing creation.

First things first I am a ‘young earther’. What that means is I believe that the earth is only about 5000-6000 years old. As opposed to the atheists who believe in a 4.54 billion year old earth. How do I propose to support or prove my belief? By using something unexpected, radiogenic helium. Now you may be thinking what…

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