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      1. Thank you I appreciate it. I don’t want everyone to know that I have a problem at home. But, I also want them to know that I’m not happy all the time or fine. I get very depressed and I just am so sick of it. I’m leaving when I’m 18.


      2. Because I believe God has a plan and he will deliver me. I love my parents because the bible says if you hate your brother then you hate God also. I love them because they are my own flesh and blood. They had me. without them I wouldn’t be here. The bible says to honor your parents but it never said please them. I love them because I want them to get saved. I do not hate them I love them.

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      3. I am glad that you love your parents even though your relationship isn’t great.
        Something I just noticed: Both you and your sister, on your Gravatar, say that you live in an abusive home. Every time you post a comment someone can see that. If your Mom reads everything that you post, you could get in trouble with her if she sees that AND your parents could get in trouble for being abusive if someone calls the authorities on them.

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      4. I did not get notified you answered at all so sorry for the late reply. πŸ˜… yes my mom doesn’t really read my blog posts anymore she was only there for any grammar errors. And I don’t need her help anymore with that! We have a hope someone might call someone so maybe they would treat is better. But, nobody will. My family won’t cause their afraid of what will happen to us. We do sooooooo many things in secret my sis even has a secret boyfriend! Hes Christian they are planning on getting married when they are of age! And they have a plan for me. Idk what it is but I know that have something planned. Its a very complicated story and I would rather not share the whole entire story here. I didn’t even share the whole thing on that post. If you want to talk about it you can email me at Shanessa0707@gmail.com

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      5. It’s okay, its probably my fault. I have been having trouble notifying people when I comment.
        It’s good you have a plan. Though I don’t know what all the details, I know that sometimes what people perceive to be unloving is actually just the opposite. Again though, I don’t know the details.
        I don’t need to talk about it; but if you need someone to listen you can email me via my Contact page.

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      6. Its probably not your fault WordPress hasn’t really been notifying people and their notifications are really behind. Many people say well they just want what’s best for you. But, I find it a lot different they control my life. Everything I do. Even my hair and skin like why do they need to do that? They are very afraid of losing control. And when they feel that they are losing control then its even worse! Suicide has popped up into my mind so many times! I used to think everything was fine until I found out the real story! I used to think my parents weren’t horrible I wouldn’t believe it! I felt brainwashed almost! Until my sister told me what is going on. Some of the things almost made me puke they made me so sick! When I found out I was being lied to my whole life. I felt like my world fell apart. But it didn’t matter I couldn’t tell them what I knew. I almost ran away. But, my sis stoped me she told me that I have to stay and make them think nothing is wrong. I have been so depressed to the point I just want to scream! Thank you, I may do that.

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