A Potential Small Business I Could Run

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

Lesson 65

For centuries now, leading up the present day, the 21st century, money has become increasingly essential for man-kind’s perceived quality of life. However, in order to obtain that “money” (which today, in and of itself, is worth nothing), you have two options:

  1. You need to have someone give it to you
  2. You need to work for it.

Obviously, the steadier and more reliable of the two tends to be working for it.

In this essay I will be writing about an idea for a small business I could attempt to run.

I live near people who own land. I think that these people would be willing to let me use a little bit of their land for a garden. But even if not, I could buy pots, planters, and even certain containers so that I could grow fruits and veggies in my family’s house. 

So, if I had planted a garden (whether inside or outside) I could then see if there would be people willing to buy some home grown produce.  I think that there would be a market for this type of business but even if the case should arise that there was no one who wanted to buy fresh foods, I could just grow food for our family and in that way save money. Then I could try to obtain a license to sell food and then I could sell the produce.

I could do this by getting people excited by making them wait for harvest baskets. I could also grow certain plants to sell, however, I might do well to be choosy as to who I sell the living plants to as they could possibly then grow the produce themselves and then I could lose business.

As time would go on and if I should become more popular, I may want to upgrade my location. I could rent or buy a piece of land, which of course would likely be very expensive, and then I could build a greenhouse on that piece of land and that is how I could continue to expand. Another way I could expand would be to rent someone else’s greenhouse.

In conclusion, one achievable small business that could grow to become a large, very profitable, full time job is to grow fresh produce in the form of fruits and veggies.


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