The Best Online Personal Finance Option For Me!

Lesson 40

Today I will be telling you what the best online personal finance solution is for me and why.

I am only a teen and am not in college or living on my own. This means that I don’t need very much help with keeping track of my money (you can check out Lesson 5 in my Personal Finance category to see how I keep track of my money). Therefore, an Excel template would work fine for me.

Excel is great because sometimes they have already-made templates ready for you to use. This can save time and energy.  Excel also has blank templates; so you can use those if you do not find what you are looking for. I believe Excel came with the purchase of my laptop; this too is great, because it is free.

Another reason that Excel is great is that once you download the template on your computer or laptop, you can edit the template even if your internet connection fails or if you are on the road.

So, Excel is a good personal finance solution for me because I do not need a lot of help keeping track if my money, it is free, and is can be used without internet access. Not only that, but if I decided not to use Excel anymore a try a new one, I would not be losing money by having had to pay for two systems.


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