Lesson 38 – Order of Layers for Proper Insulation AKA: SAR Clothing

How would you like to be an icicle? Not much you say? That’s too bad…you might get big bucks $$$!  

(I was joking…)

In any case, whether you are hiking, scuba diving, or playing football, you need to have the correct layers.

Today we will be talking about the insulation layers for cold environments. AKA: Protection against the natural elements. So for this method there are five layers. Each one can be taken off to make sure that you do not perspire too much and end up freezing yourself or giving you hypothermia.

Make sure that you have a head covering to prevent heat from escaping through that way. Also remember to have water proof boots if you will be in wet environments.

First comes the underneath layer. This is the layer closest to your skin. So for this layer you want a material that will wick away sweat and other moisture. It is advised not to have cotton for this layer, instead consider a synthetic material.

Then comes the wicking layer. This layer is similar to the first layer in that it can cover some surface area of your body, but this layers main purpose is to wick away moisture that your body may emit.

Next comes the clothing layer. This layer is just your normal clothing. The main requirement is that it is a little looser then the first two layers which are tighter around the body.

After the shell comes the insulation layer. For this layer you need warm fabrics. A very possible and advised option is to use some type of sheep wool material.

Last comes the shell layer. Obviously you don’t want to have something that is loosely woven for this layer. Quite the opposite actually. You want a material that repels water and keeps the heat in.

Thanks for reading!



Daniel Dignan

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