Which Schedule?

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Lesson 11


So, today I will be making an essay on the differences of two schedules and why I might choose to use one over the other.

The first schedule is just a calendar. It is just an ordinary paper (or whatever the material is) calendar nothing particularly special about it. It is However one very useful thing about using just an ordinary calendar is that I don’t have to worry about computer crashes, not saving the template, or any other possible electrical mishaps. I also would not have to worry about sharing confidential information.

The second schedule is a template on my computer. The nice thing about this template is that in one table it has the time, then the appointment table, then a ‘to-do’ table, and then a table for calls. This template is on Excel, so the nice thing about that is that I can change certain aspects of the template that I don’t like so much, as well as add things to the template. I can also print it off my computer if I feel the need.

Now, I might choose the calendar over the Excel template not only because of the security advantages, but also because of the accessibility advantages. If I have a calendar on the wall, and a template on my computer, which one am I more likely to go to? Perhaps it would make the most sense to go to the calendar on the wall instead of turning my computer on, entering the password, opening the template, then do what I need to do…only to turn it off after that.

If you have a calendar that works really well for you and would like to share, feel free to do so in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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