Three Things That I Can Do To Use My Time Better

Lesson 10

Have you ever had something to do and procrastinated until it was too late to finish the you had to do? Well, in this essay, I will be sharing three things that I can do to use my time better. Hopefully you can learn something.

The first thing I can do to use time better is to set aside specific things that I need to do. One way that I could set aside time is on a calendar. Taking the time to look at it before I go to bed, after I wake up, and maybe even in the middle of the day (like 12:00).

Another thing that do is to set aside time for sleep. Sleep is really important for your health, but if you sleep all day…then what did you get done? Being well rested is also good for your brain. If your brain is tired, the things you do may not be to the highest quality that they might have been if you were at your full brain capacity.

A third thing I can do to use my time better, is to give myself a reason to do whatever it is I need to get done, finished. If we as human beings have a reason to do something, we may be more likely to do it.

Thanks for reading!


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