Lesson 10 – How I think I’ve Grown In The Last Week.

Hey guys! This essay is on how I think I have grown as far as my YouTube channel is concerned.

So, to start off, I will say the obvious: I now have a YouTube channel and I did not before. I still have not posted any videos yet, but I still have a YouTube channel! Next is that I understand a little bit better how YouTube works.

I was supposed to include some thoughts about my YouTube name, banner, icon, and about page.

So, my YouTube channel name is Music Moedim. “Moedim” is Hebrew, but in English it means something like: ‘The appointed times of music.’ Yes, it’s a little creative and a little less direct, however, it does say a little bit about my YouTube channel.

Next is my banner. So, I made my banner on Paint 3D. I just moved some of the instruments onto the screen and…there it was! It took a bit of figuring out, but I got it!

Next is my icon. My icon was also made on Paint 3D. It is just a piano. Not a ton to talk about there…except that it’s a Grand piano…and its black…Okay, maybe there is a few things to talk about!

Next is my about page. In there I basically said that my YouTube channel is dedicated to making music. OK, it’s more interesting than that!

I was also supposed to say how the things above (banner, icon, etc) support my Value Proposition (VP) and my target audience.

So, my Value Proposition is to provide satisfying musical content (I may or may not do music tutorials, time will tell), but that is basically what my about page says. My target audience is those who want to listen to music and be satisfied (or those who want to learn music). So, I would say that they agree with my about page.

Well, if you want to check out my YouTube channel, here it is: Music Moedim.

If you like the content, make sure to like and subscribe!

Thanks for reading!


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